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Holiday Craze & Helpful Hints

Now that November is officially here, the Holiday season is rapidly approaching -- Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday & Cyber Monday, which quickly leads into Christmas! It's easy to get caught up in the Holiday Craze...

We all know the craze that can come with the holiday season -- for some it's working overtime or crazy hours/ shifts, for others it's figuring out child care and keeping kids entertained during school breaks. It's figuring out where you're going for the holidays, or getting your place ready for family/ friend visitors. It's figuring out your holiday spending budget, and finding the right gifts, at the right price. For some, it's making the perfect Thanksgiving meal, or getting all the holiday cookies and baked goods made, and for others it's refraining from eating way too much on Turkey day, and not eating every single holiday treat that comes into the office or home! Not to mention - holiday work parties and social events with friends! This is supposed to be "the most wonderful time of year", but it can also be STRESSFUL! It's easy to lose sight of what's important -- the true meaning and reason for the holidays, the positivity that comes from giving to, and sharing with others, being present and enjoying the fun experiences that only come once a year, and the most overlooked -- keeping your mental and physical health a priority!

A few helpful tips to keep your mind & body a priority during the Holiday Craze:

1. If you struggle having baked goods around the house...

- Don't make treats, until the day of the event. Whether it be for Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, or for a holiday party or get-together -- wait until the day of (or night before, if you have no time the day of). This will reduce the amount of time the treats will be laying around, tempting you. You will come across tons of treats throughout the season, so if this is usually an issue for you - refrain from baking extra treats to have at home.

- If baking is something you enjoy, and/or a family tradition -- bake the treats for others (neighbors, friends, family, work, etc.). This allows you to enjoy the activity, but minimizes temptation of having them in the house. Plus, it is a chance for you to share with others!

2. If your schedule is crazy and you struggle to find time to get to the gym...

- Workout at home -- Try to do 20-60 minutes. But remember - even 10 minutes is way better than no minutes! Look on youtube or fitness apps and find a workout you can do with no or minimal equipment.

- Find an accountability partner. At the begining of the week, tell them what days you plan to exercise, tell them if you will be working out in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and make a commitment to text them before and after your workout.

- Hire a personal trainer -- if you need more accountability and someone to do all the thinking and planning for you, this is a great option! Plus, paying upfront, and having a scheduled appointment, makes it much harder to skip or cancel on your workout. Even if you dread going or really aren't feeling up to it -- you'll be glad you did, when it's over!

3. If you struggle with the over abundant food options at parties, feelings of guilt, or anxiety...

- If you plan to make any dishes to take to family meals, work parties, or social event... find a go-to recipe, that doesn't make you feel guilty! Pinterest (and the rest of the internet) have all kinds of healthier and "guilt-free" options for recipes. You can find some tricks to tweak a recipe you already know, or find a completely new recipe to try! This will allow you to have a "safe" option at the event, but still contribute.

- Drink water and eat some fruits and veggies before you go the event. This will allow you to still enjoy some of the food at the event, but you won't be as hungry, and you'll be less likely to over-do-it at the event.


Check these options out:

- Operation Gratitude -- Local location in Powell, at Liberty Family Smiles (3998 Powell Rd)

- Ronald McDonald House

- Operation Stars and Stripes or Operation Shoebox (must be sent by mail)

- Local homeless shelters or retirement/ nursing homes

Feel free to share these tips, or this post, with someone who might benefit during this holiday season! Our mental and physical health feed off of one another... if one is struggling, it affects the other. So, don't forget to make your health a priority during this crazy, yet wonderful, time of year... let's go more for wonderful, and less crazy!

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