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Happy Monday, All!

With a sick baby the first half of the week (still in a cranky funk the rest of the week), and a husband away for business… this mama didn’t get a whole lot done, last week (including a blog post, personal workouts, and several other things). When I wasn’t at work, Skylar was needing constant attention until she went to bed for the night, and by that time, I was lacking energy, motivation, and the ability to focus. Rather than beat myself up, and feel guilty, for all the things I wasn’t getting done, I decided to extend grace to myself…

I told myself it was ok — this is an off week, and I would be able to get some stuff done over the weekend, when Scott gets back. For the time being, my priorities were scheduled work commitments (classes and training sessions) and meeting Skylar’s needs… anything else would be a bonus! So, when I got a load of laundry done, ate lunch, and took the recycling out — that was quite an accomplishment. Normally, that wouldn’t be nearly enough done, on my to-do list, for me to feel satisfied or content. Plus, years past, not getting my own, personal workout in would have preoccupied my mind in the worst way, and had me feeling guilty for days. I actually still struggled mentally, but I just kept reminding myself that this was not my norm, I am new at this mom thing, and I have never had a sick baby before. Not to mention, I find it easy to extend grace to others, so it is ok for me to extend myself some grace as well.

I realize some people may say I just made an excuse, and I should/could have pushed myself to do more, after putting Skye to bed, and that’s ok.

However, I decided that, for me, I wasn’t going to put that stress on myself, and trust me — that’s what was best for me at that time… I am my hardest critic, by far, so I trusted myself in this decision, and am standing by it, without guilt (which is a huge accomplishment for me!).

Anyway, just wanted to reiterate that we are all human, and sometimes we need to extend grace to ourselves (as well as others)!

Hope you had a nice weekend, and have a great week!

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