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Motivated (to not miss) Monday

Happy Monday!

Today, I wanted to share a quick personal experience that I find very fitting for #mondaymotivation!

I work at a local rec center, and this week is their annual shutdown…

Last Friday, 3 guys from my small group asked me if I would still meet with them, outside of the rec, so they could still get their Monday and Friday workouts accomplished…

As a trainer, that is music to my ears! They could have easily taken the week off, but they wanted to hold themselves accountable, and I was more than happy to help!

So, we agreed to meet in front of the rec center and do a workout outside!

I was already proud that they were the ones who came up with the idea to meet, despite shutdown, but I was that much more proud when they actually showed up at noon, in the miserable heat and humidity (90+ degrees, blazing sun, no breeze, and high humidity weather advisory)! Again, they could have easily stayed at work, in their air conditioned offices, but they pushed aside any excuses and showed up, ready to work!

They decided they did not want to miss Monday, so we made it happen! They busted out a 45 minute session with no complaints, and worked hard the whole time!

(I did scout out a shaded pavilion, but it was ridiculously hot!)

As a trainer (and fitness instructor) it is part of my job to motivate my clients/ participants, but a huge bonus, is the motivation I get in return, on days like these! It is definitely a very rewarding job, and people like these, make it even more so!

If you struggle with motivation, or think you could use a little accountability — I highly recommend joining/ forming a small group or doing private training! It makes it more fun, harder to make excuses, and is very rewarding for your physical and mental health!

Have a great week!

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