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Don't wait for Monday

Happy Friday!

I have a bad history when it comes to getting back on track…

If I got off track with food plans, exercise plans, or both, I would always rationalize that I should wait until Monday to “start fresh” and get back on track.

I was continuously setting myself up for failure… I was expecting perfection.

However, I have adapted a more realistic mindset and expectations — progress, not perfection!

Since my last post, I have only run 4-5 times, and until today, none of them had been more than 1.5 miles. I did have a busier schedule than normal, and I got sick this week (still am, but feeling somewhat better); plus, I’m still figuring out this whole mom thing. In the past I wouldn’t have bothered pushing myself to run, today — a Friday… I would have waited until Sunday or Monday to start again. However, I decided to go for it today… with no expectations! I decided to run around the neighborhood, taking it one lap at a time — if it was only half a lap, that was okay — I could always walk if I wanted to keep going, if I didn’t feel I could run.

Well, I ended up making it 3 miles, and was so glad I decided to give it a go! I felt very proud of myself and glad I didn’t let old thinking sabotage myself — rather than waiting until Sunday or Monday, I ran today, on Friday! I’m further ahead now, than if I would have waited a few more days!

Bottom line — don’t let setbacks, or rationalize unrealistic and expectations of perfection, prevent you from starting now! It does’t have to be Sunday or Monday for you to start again… it can be a Tuesday, Friday, any day of the week!

Progress is progress! A small victory is still a victory!

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