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Motivated & Back at it

Hey All!

After taking about a year off from blogging, and taking on less training and teaching — I moved from Dayton to Columbus, tragically lost my first dog/ baby (only 3.5 years old - car accident), got pregnant (very rough first 20 weeks!), and gave birth to my first child… I am READY TO GET BACK AT IT!!! So, today, I thought I would post this blog:

Since my husband and I ran the Flying Pig Half Marathon, three years ago, we have maybe run a few times, here and there, each year. Being a fitness professional, I have always been active, but just haven’t been able to stick with running. However, since being cleared to workout, after by my OB, I have started to run a few times a week… sometimes that means one time around the block, once or twice in a day, and sometimes more. Today, I ran 3 consecutive miles through the neighborhood - progress! **Any progress is progress!**

I was torn about the run — I questioned if I even wanted to run at all, and I questioned if I wanted to continue after the first mile, and then again at mile 2. But… I kept looking at baby girl’s sleeping, but smiling, face, and I KEPT GOING! Just looking at her gives me motivation, and pushes me to be better, not just for myself, but for her!

Motherhood is my new source of motivation, and Skylar is the strongest motivator I’ve ever had! It doesn't matter where your motivation comes from, as long as it is genuine, and pushes you to be better. Especially when it comes to health and fitness — so many times, my motivation has not come from a genuine place… working out because I felt guilty for something I ate or because I wanted to be skinny, etc. In those times, I never seemed to stay motivated, I wasn’t content, and I found myself in a negative cycle. However, when I have genuine motivators, I feel a sense of accomplishment, I feel good, I stay motivated, and find myself in a much more positive state. **Don’t workout to punish yourself! Workout to better yourself!**

Motivation can be challenging… some days it can be overflowing, while other days we have to dig deep. Sometimes motivation is intrinsic, and sometimes it is extrinsic. It may be a constant motivator, or it may vary day to day. There’s no right or wrong, as long as it is a positive source, that comes from a genuine place. People are motivated differently.

What motivates you?

If you need help getting, or staying motivated — I’m happy to be a motivator for you! I have a passion for helping others, and I am here for you!

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