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Breakfast - Don't Skip it

Last week I posted a picture of one of my easy "go-to" breakfasts, on Instagram, which prompted today's post! :)

Breakfast -- "The most important meal of the day"... but, why?

Breakfast gets our metabolisms going, which helps us burn calories and breakdown nutrients - providing our bodies with proper fuel/ energy. This energy helps improve our overall ability to function throughout the day, and improves our ability to focus and get tasks done.

When we wake up, we need to replenish our blood sugar levels. If we skip breakfast, we decrease functionality of our brain and muscles, and increase the chances of feeling lethargic and low on energy.

Skipping breakfast, can even lead to weight gain...

"If I skip breakfast, I'm eating less... how can that lead to weight gain?!"

When we wake, in the morning, our bodies have been fasting for hours... so, if we skip breakfast, we are continuing to fast. This actually causes our body to go into starvation mode, because it isn't sure when it might be nourished/fed, again. In an effort to conserve energy, our metabolism slows down, and holds on to food longer, when we do eventually eat, rather than burning it and using it efficiently for fuel/energy.

Skipping any meal causes your blood-sugar levels to drop, and causes large fluctuations in insulin & glucose, which our bodies need for fuel and proper organ functioning. If we skip breakfast, we aren't even giving these levels a chance to go back up and regulate, because they are already depleted after sleeping. These fluctuations can actually set us up for more weight gain, especially in the abdominal area.

Also, because our levels need to be replenished, and our bodies need to be fueled, the lack of proper nutrients and subsequent energy that results from skipping breakfast, often leads to/ increases the likelihood of overeating later in the day. This can also lead to weight gain.

This doesn't mean we have to feast in the morning, but it does mean that we should be aware of what we are, or are not, doing for our bodies, when we eat, or don't eat breakfast.

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