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What's For Dinner Wednesday!?

Busy days and cold weather = (you guessed it!) Crock Pot Dinners!

Tonight recipe is another really simple, and healthier, option:

Cheesy Enchilada Chicken (and Rice)

The first time I made this, I did it in a pan on the stove (so that’s an option)…

Today, I’m trying it in the Crock Pot!

Here's whatcha' need:

ground chicken

enchilada seasoning packet

shredded cheese

brown rice

1. Pour a couple ounces of water and some of the enchilada seasoning into the crock pot & stir.

2. Place ground chicken in crock pot.

3. Pour a couple more ounces of water and the rest of the seasoning on top of ground chicken & mix it all together.

*If I am at home, I stir periodically, and add the shredded cheese throughout the cooking time. If not, add some cheese during this initial step.

4. Cover with lid and set crock pot.

*all cookers have different settings, so adjust according to your settings and time table/situation*

5. Stir and break apart meat. **Again, if I’m at home, I do this periodically, throughout the cooking time.

OPTIONAL: boil brown rice and add-in once meat is prepared, or serve separate onto plate.

*can also add hot sauce or a bit more cheese, if desired :)


As always - I welcome FEEDBACK! :)

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