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Resistance Bands #workoutwednesdsy


Yesterday, I really got out of my comfort zone, and posted a video on my new Instagram account, positively_fit_cej. (Check out the link to see why/ how I pushed past my comfort zone!)

Why is ^^that^^ important, or relevant, today? I posted yesterday's video as a preview to a follow-up #workoutwednesday post, which I decided I would share on here, too!

Sooooo, here it is:

(quick side note: I am still learning, when it comes to social media videos, so keep that in mind :).)

Unfortunately, I had trouble with the actual video of me demonstrating the exercises, so all I have is a picture, for now...

I frequently get asked about my favorite equipment, exercises, etc., so I thought I would share a few exercises, using my favorite piece of equipment... RESISTANCE BANDS!

The four exercises in the picture are as follows:

LATERAL RAISE (top left) -- keep shoulders back & core tight; raise your arms out and up to shoulder height. Make sure you stop when you reach shoulder height, so you don't start to compromise your form. *targets shoulders

BICEP CURL (top right) -- keep shoulders back, core tight, & keep your elbows tucked into your sides; curl your arms up, in front of your body. *targets biceps (front part of your upper arm)

TRICEP KICKBACK (bottom left) -- slight bend in the knees & elbows pulled back to 90 degree angle; push your fists back, behind you. Make sure you keep your elbows pulled back, in the starting position, throughout each set. *targets triceps (back part of your upper arm -aka- "bat wings")

REVERSE FLY (bottom right) -- slight bend in the knees & criss cross the handles; pull your arms out (away from each other) and back, to 90 degree angle. Try to squeeze your shoulder blades together, as you pull your arms back. *targets upper back

Resistance bands are a great way to increase muscle strength and tone your body, without bulking up!

Theses four exercises are just a few of the countless exercises that can be done with resistance bands! I will definitely feature more exercise in future posts! They're also great for traveling! :)

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these exercises, or resistance bands in general!

Hope you're having a great day and great week!

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