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The undeniable truth about compliments, is that it ALWAYS feels good to receive one! So, why is it, that sometimes, we struggle to accept compliments?

Some people may put up a front, by brushing it off, or minimizing it. I have been guilty of this myself. To be honest, when this happens, we can assume that the receiver is in need of such compliments... when we struggle to accept a compliment, which is intended to be a positive thing, it is often because we have a sense of doubt. In such instances, despite how the compliment is received, we can be sure that the compliment was encouraging, and still (even if for a brief moment, but possibly long lasting, deep down) made the receiver feel good. Seriously - I don't know anyone who doesn't appreciate a compliment!

Yesterday morning, at work, I received multiple compliments.

After my first class, Strength & Conditioning, I had two individuals, approach me, at different times, and ask me if I teach that class on any additional days, during the week. They expressed that they really enjoy the class, and would be interested in getting another one started.

Now, I have been teaching group fitness for over 4 years, and I am confident in my ability to do a great job! However, I can also be very critical and hard on myself, so I always appreciate the reassurance that comes with a compliment! I also got a couple compliments on my new gym shoes, which made me feel really good too!

It may sound silly that something so simple could have such a positive impact, but it's true! When I left the gym, I was in such a good mood, and it carried into the rest of my day - I was more positive and productive than I have been in recent days! And I know I am not alone here -- we have all experienced it! Whether it be admiration of an outfit or accessory, acknowledgment of hard work or effort, reassurance of a , or something else... we all have experienced joy, and simply felt good, as a result of receiving a compliment!

That said, I challenge you to compliment someone each day, for the rest of the week! You never know how much of an impact, even the smallest/ simplest compliment, can have on a person. However, one thing you know for sure, despite their reaction, it will be a positive impact, and they will feel good! You know the feeling... why not provide someone else the same?! You may even be surprised at how good you feel by giving the compliment!

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