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Today is Thursday

Obviously, for the majority, Friday typically concludes the work week. BUT why do we let that get in the way, and steal our focus so often?

Don't get me wrong... I am definitely guilty of this -- being so preoccupied with it almost being Friday, that I completely miss out on some of the good that can be found/ experienced on a given day, typically Thursday...

I have even made excuses and justified not doing certain tasks that need to be done, because it's almost the weekend, and they don't "have" to be done (or aren't "due") until next week.

Now, I'm not saying we can't/ shouldn't be excited for Friday, and the weekend... usually that's when we have more "fun" or "special" events & activities planned, and we should absolutely be excited for such things! I'm just saying we shouldn't lose sight of TODAY, and all the potential that comes with the day -- we have the ability to do great things and experience another day of life! So why not LIVE FOR TODAY?! Hell, I have it permanently scribed on my foot!

Today, I am going to make a conscious effort to, not only, "live for today", but to live it to the fullest! Rather than letting the approaching weekend be an excuse, or preoccupy my mind, I am CHOOSING to take control (of the things I can) today, and have a #thankfulthursday and #thumbsupthursday! :)

Some of my gratitudes today:

1. I get to teach REFIT today & train

2. Cleveland Indians are going to the World Series

3. I get to see my momma today

4. It's Thursday, and I have a whole day ahead of me!

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