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Keeping it real - struggles and all.

To the left, you can view my Instagram post, from this morning.

I haven't gotten into a lot of detail or specifics, yet, regarding my past (and somewhat on-going) struggles, but if you have been following my posts, you can probably understand why this photo/quote felt so fitting...

I have made it known that I have plenty of flaws & imperfections, but I try to shift my focus and acknowledge progress and positive transformations. I share about my good days & my gratitudes, but I also reveal that not all days are that way, and for years - these were rare occurrences & gratitudes seemed minimal.

Although I acknowledge some of the negatives & hardships, I admit that I try to maintain an overall, positive vibe, and encouraging outlook with my posts.

My overall goal has been/is to "keep it real" - making myself more relatable, with the hope of touching/ impacting others!

However, today I realized something...

Since my last post (over a week ago), I sat down a few times to blog, but quickly shut my laptop, and moved onto other things... I was struggling through a roller coaster of emotions (see Instagram post for some specifics), didn't have any clear-cut ideas, readily available, in my mind, and positivity was a distant memory, at the time. No way could I blog! [Which actually fed into the vicious cycle of emotions and self-doubt, that I was experiencing :(.] ***WAKE-UP CALL!*** (insert epiphany here!)

I've been completely missing my goal!!! I realized I had been avoiding blogging because I was struggling, and therefore - NOT "keeping it real"! The positivity wasn't free-flowing, so therefore I couldn't blog or share with you guys. (My thought: nobody wants to read about something that's not upbeat!) Again, NOT "keeping it real'!

So, that said, I am owning that I have been struggling lately, and I'm being vulnerable, by sharing it on here. And to be honest, I'm already starting feel better! It has sucked keeping all the emotions and negative feeling inside, and as much as I hate to admit it, I let it take over, and somewhat consume me. Now, I'm acknowledging and accepting that I am human, and like others, I still struggle, and that's ok!

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