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Your bio, in 6 words... what would it be?

This weekend we made it to church, and the pastor started things off with a challenge that really got me thinking...

He challenged everyone to think about their story, and come up with a 6 word biography.

I have no idea why this peaked my interest so much, but it did!

Now, if you're anything like me - (without realizing it) everything else paused for a moment, you instantly started throwing around words and ideas, and before long, you had it!!! [If not, props to you - you have much more control, and can resist ADD tendencies! :)] You didn't expect to come up with a 6 word bio so quickly! ...One small problem - it's 7 words! Nooooooo! It was perfect!

Unfortunately, for this challenge, there's no bending... 6 words = 6words. Not 5, not 7, but 6! :-/

I guess that's why it's a "challenge".

That said, I didn't give up! I was determined. I had tons of words and ideas, I like challenges (most of the time), and sooner or later, I would come up with it...


"Imprisoned by imperfection, now perfectly imperfect."

As I reflect on my 6 word bio decision, and think about why this title fits for me, this is what I come up:

For years, I have felt truly imprisoned within my "self" - my physical body, my mind (thoughts, feelings, etc.), and ways I can't explain, or put into words. Words such as, "struggle, hopeless, shame, guilt, failure, worthless" (the list could go on) were readily available in my vocabulary and familiar feelings. Not to mention, battling eating disorders, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, and insomnia - how do I find a word, or two, to sum all that up?! Well, that's where "IMPERFECTIONS" come in! :)

As I continue on my journey through life - recovery, working on self-development, striving to make a positive impact and difference in the lives of others... I have become particularly fond of "PERFECT IMPERFECTION". Consciously, or unconsciously, we often strive for perfection. However, that is simply not attainable - no one is perfect, we all have imperfections, which makes us human!

That said, I now strive to (1) accept and love myself for who I am, (2) keep working on becoming my best self, and who I am suppose to be, (3) live freely. In other words, own my story and be my "perfectly imperfect" self!

So, today, I extend the challenge to you! Even if you don't post it in the comments below (although, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, if you did!!!!), just think about it!

Happy Tuesday! :)

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