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Simple Slow cooker Spaghetti

Here is another simple crockpot recipe for you to try...

This week I decided to try making meat sauce in the slow cooker. No specific recipe or instructions - I just "winged it"! (not sure if that is grammatically correct, but I'm going with it! haha)

This is another recipe that calls for ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS!!! However, just like last time, I like to make sure the meal is balanced, so I added pasta for a 3rd ingredient. Plus, Scott and I like to "spice it up" a bit, so I added green peppers and some turkey pepperoni. Oh, and of course parmesan cheese! :) So, it may end up being a few more ingredients, depending on your preference! :)

Here's whatcha' need:

Spaghetti sauce of your choice ANY brand of ground turkey is fine Pasta of your choice

This recipe is for roughly 1lb. of ground turkey and 24oz. jar of spaghetti sauce, but can easily be adjusted!

1. Pour 1/4 jar of spaghetti sauce in slow cooker.

2. Place ground turkey in slow cooker.

3. Pour another 1/4 jar on top of ground turkey.

***additional options to include at step 3:

  • chop and add green pepper to slow cooker

  • toss in some turkey pepperoni

  • sprinkle parmesan cheese

4. Cover with lid and set slow cooker.

*all cookers have different settings, so adjust according to your settings and time table/situation*

5. Stir and break apart meat. **If I am at home, I do this periodically, throughout the cooking time.

OPTIONAL: boil pasta and add-in once sauce is prepared, or serve sauce onto plated pasta. *can also add more parmesan cheese :)


As always - I welcome FEEDBACK! :)

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