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Super Simple Recipe :)


I am not a mom, yet, but Scott and I tend to have busy and somewhat inconsistent schedules, and dinner can still be a challenge!!! We don't always have a lot of time to prep, or plan, ahead, and we often don't want to start from square one, when we get home late, after a long day! That said, we are always looking for quick and/or simple recipes, that are also healthy (as if it's not challenging enough already)!

So, as Fall (MY FAVORITE SEASON!) approaches, and the weather (hopefully) cools down a bit, I figured I would share one of my go-to slow cooker recipes... SALSA CHICKEN!

I originally came across this recipe while talking to a gym friend, but have since seen different versions on Pinterest as well! This recipe calls for ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS!!! However, to make sure the meal is more balanced, I go ahead and add rice, for a 3rd ingredient :).

(Don't forget - carbs are essential to your diet, and should NOT be eliminated! The key is to find a balance!)

Here's whatcha' need:

slow cooker/ Crock Pot ANY BRAND salsa boneless, skinless chicken breast ANY BRAND brown rice

This recipe is for roughly 1lb. of chicken and 16oz. jar of salsa, but is really easy to adjust!

1. Pour 1/3 jar of salsa in slow cooker.

2. Place chicken breast in slow cooker.

3. Pour the remaining salsa on top of chicken breast.

4. Cover with lid and set slow cooker.

*all cookers have different settings, so adjust according to your settings and time table/situation*

5. Shred chicken with 2 forks.

OPTIONAL: boil bag of rice and add-in once chicken is shredded.



Let me know if you have any questions, if you plan on trying this recipe, if you want me to post more recipes, etc.!

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