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Temper Transformation

Ok, so I am not proud of my following flaw, but one of the reasons I decided to start this blog was to hold myself accountable, and "keep it real"...

That said, I am not proud of this, but I am owning it - I am an incredibly impatient driver, and am guilty of some road rage. HOWEVER, I AM WORKING ON IT!!!

Wondering if anyone else out there can relate?? If you can't, my goal is to be more like you!! If you can, feel free to join me as I am committing to change my "behind the wheel" temperament.

According to Merriam-Webster, here is the definition of temperament,

"b : characteristic or habitual inclination or mode of emotional response <a nervous temperament> c : extremely high sensibility; especially : excessive sensitiveness or irritability".


While driving, I would have to admit I am a creature of habit - I typically feel as though I am in a rush (trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible), my senses and emotions are definitely high, and I would say it's safe to say I am especially irritable in traffic. This is one situation where I tend to be more reactive than responsive. :(

On the way to class this morning, I noticed myself getting so worked up - everyone was going too slow, semi trucks weren't getting over for merging lanes, other cars would get over without blinkers, and the passing lane was going exactly 65! As I am sure you get the picture, I will stop here. :)

Like I said, I am not proud of this flaw of mine, but I am grateful for the self-development work I have been doing, because without it, I don't believe I would have ever been able to break the cycle, and bring my awareness to the situation...

Rather than using my 20 minutes of drive time to listen to upbeat music and get excited for my REFIT class (which is something I LOVE), and/or focusing on all the different positives that today has to offer, I was allowing my irrational behavior to start a chain reaction of negativity, and shift my mood... Before getting on the highway, I had a nice morning - saw my husband off to work, ate breakfast and had coffee, played frisbee with Rudy, read my devotion, and spent time making a list of gratitudes... So, what happened!? I let my temperament get the best of me; allowing my road rage to consume me, and my negative emotions to take away my joy and positivity. <INSERT TRANSFORMATION HERE> Needless to say, I am still embarrassed by my driving temper tantrum(s), however, I do consider this particular situation, and revelation, to be a transformation, and for that, I am proud!

Now, I know today won't, by any means, be the end of my road rage - I've got a LONG way to go! However, I am going to continue to make a more conscious effort to be aware, when I feel my negative emotions start to rise, and try to re-direct my emotions and energy on more positive thoughts...

One in particular that comes to mind, comes from my mom, "Just think how nice it is that not everyone is in a hurry." :)


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