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Which step WILL (not can) you reach today?

In general, most things in life are much easier said than done! Today, I CHALLENGE you to "walk the walk"...

You are the only one who can climb your staircase through life! What is one goal that you can work on today? It doesn't matter where you start. What matters is the direction you choose to walk in, TODAY! Pick one goal that you are working on (or hoping to work on) and do what is necessary to take that next step up...

Which step have you reached? Are you content with this step or do you want to climb higher? There is no right or wrong, and every day is different, BUT today, see if you can push yourself to reach a new step - even just one more than where you started the day! You'll be glad you did it! Even if you

REMEMBER - It's not always a sprint, sometimes it's a marathon! It's all about PROGRESS, not perfection! You may not be at the top, today... but imagine how you'll fee when you reach the top!

It's up to you... you have a choice - treat this post as a quick and easy read without giving it a second thought, ORRRRR accept the challenge and take the next step! No one else can take it for you - I'm just here to urge and cheer you on!

Have a great rest of your Tuesday, friends! :)

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