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Freedom Friday - Free to be me - Free to be you :)


It has taken me a looooong time to truly embrace myself - who I am. But let me tell ya - I can confidently say, it is FREEing!!! It is such a relief to walk around, standing tall, and owning my story, rather than tip-toeing around - hiding certain parts of my life, trying to please everyone, and striving for approval & acceptance. Life is meant to be embraced and experienced, fully. It is not meant to be limited, or put on hold. It wasn't until recently, that I genuinely embraced myself, and therefore, my freedom....

One of my breakthroughs, has been this blog (especially my "a deeper look into #transformation tuesday" post) -- owning my struggles and imperfections, and even taking it one step further, by sharing them with the world. After years of keeping them hidden, because of shame and fear of others not understanding, or passing judgement, I have finally LET GO! I accept who I am - the good and the bad, and I embrace "Courtney". I know that everyone won't understand my journey, and that's ok - I don't expect them to, just as I won't understand everyone else's.

We are all different & unique, and we all experience life differently & uniquely... the key is to allow ourselves, and others, to embrace this, and do so FREELY!

Happy Friday! I hope you have a great weekend! :)

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