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sharing transformations - I dare you!

Hey All,

Hope everyone enjoyed Labor Day and the long weekend. :)

So, last Tuesday, I took a deeper look into #transformationtuesday, and it's ambiguity.

I shared a very personal, and rather big transformation, in my life. However, not all transformations, have to be/seem "big". In fact, what SEEMS big to some, may actually SEEM small to others. It's not about the perception of outsiders -- it's about the depth and significance, as deemed relevant to you and your situation/ story. That's part of what makes transformations so cool - they're all unique!

Here is my transformation for today:

I, like most women, have days where I am overly self-conscious, especially when it comes to my body (yes, fitness professionals struggle with this too!), and last Friday, was no exception...

I put on one of my favorite workout tops and shorts, and they were feeling quite snug. So, naturally, when I looked in the mirror - they definitely looked more snug! Now, whether my clothes looked "snug" to others, or if it was primarily in my mind, I don't know. What I do know, is that it felt very real, to me. *INSERT TRANSFORMATION HERE* Rather than give it more thought, and change my outfit, like I normally would, I made a conscious (somewhat reluctant) choice to own my body, and get on with my day. I am not going to waste my time and energy feeding negativity toward my struggle with body-image! Life is too short! Besides, the people I want, and strive, to surround myself with, are people who wouldn't think twice about how I look, AND I don't need to either! They accept me for me, and that's exactly what I need to do too!

Long story short - a transformation can be a simple shift of the mind! AND any transformation, that helps you achieve a "better" you, is a victory, and should be acknowledged!

Now that you've heard another transformation from me, I want to hear about one of your transformations! Honestly, you might be surprised at how empowered/ liberated you feel, just by sharing it! Heck, if you're not one to typically share things, doing so, on here, is a transformation and big step forward, in itself!

So, let's hear it... I dare you! :)

#transformation #transformationtuesday #tuesday #selfconscious

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