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Double # Thursday

As I'm sure you can tell, the majority of my posts, so far, have been somewhat inspired by common daily/weekly hashtags...

While they won't always be this way, I'm gonna keep rolling with it, for now! :)

IN FACT...Today, I'm going to hit you with a DOUBLE hashtag post! :)

We'll start with the #throwbackthursday photo, above, which is inspired by the official beginning of college football season (sorry to those of who aren't football or sports fans)! While "my" Ohio State Buckeyes don't kick-off (no pun intended, but maybe a little) their season until Saturday, I can't help but get excited as the local news and my social media are buzzing about tonight being the first game for other beloved teams, around Ohio, and the rest of the country!

Anybody else excited about football season? ...or am I on my own with this one?

Favorite team(s)?

*** these do not have to be a rhetorical questions - feel free to participate and comment below! :) ***

Since it is Thursday, I do have to incorporate #thankfulthursday! You would be amazed at how powerful such a simple task, or thought, can be - it can positively impact your whole day, or at least one moment of that day! I am a big proponent of at least 3 daily gratitudes. :)

Here are a few for me, today:

1 - It hasn't been humid or rainy, today, so I finally got to go on a longer walk with Rudy

2 - I had a productive therapy session - yes, I just acknowledged/ admitted/ owned I go to therapy :)

3 - Neither of us have to work late tonight, so Scott and I get to spend more time together

What are your gratitudes for today?

**also not rhetorical :)**

#thursday #thankful #gratitude #grateful #throwback #football

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