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Wonderful Women Wednesday

This is a late post, so I hope it finds you relaxing and winding down the evening. :)

I just wanted to acknowledge all the WONDERFUL WOMEN out there, who are doing their best, with what they have, where they are, right now! For some, this may be, or seem, easier than it is for others. However, we can't let that steal our focus - we don't know what the whole story is, and we shouldn't waste perfectly good energy - we should use and direct our energy on our own story. Not to mention, part of the beauty in life, is that we're all different and unique! We all have our own struggles, our own successes, and those are what make us the amazing, one-of-a-kind, women that we are! How boring would it be if everyone went through the same things and had the same story?!

So, to any, and every, woman reading this - I hope you have had a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY and enjoy the rest of your week! "You are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, SMARTER than you think, & twice as BEAUTIFUL than you can imagine!"

To any man, reading this, I hope you also enjoy the rest of your week, and I hope you acknowledge a wonderful woman in your life! Women- feel free to acknowledge other wonderful women in your life as well! "We rise by lifting others!"

And, for any of you wine lovers out there - CHEERS to #wonderfulwomenwednesday and Happy #winewednesday!

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