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a deeper look into #transformationtuesday

This blog gets a bit personal for me...

The word transform, or transformation, especially on a Tuesday, is typically used to reference a physical change in appearance. Your social media probably gets flooded with lots of #transformationtuesday photos of people who have gone through a physical change in their body...

Don't get me wrong - these are huge successes for people, and they 100% deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged! Not to mention, it takes a lot of courage to post such a thing, and they are often times encouraging and inspiring for others! However, even though I am a fitness professional, and am all for physical #transformationtuesdays, I don't think that these should be the only transformations highlighted or celebrated...

Transform is a word that means a lot to me - in fact, it is one of three words I have written on my hip, as part of a recovery tattoo. Along with the words grow and persevere, transform reminds me that we never have to remain STUCK, in any area of our lives! Transform can take on a deeper meaning, one beyond the surface. This is an important concept for anyone, and everyone, but I would have to say I have found it especially helpful throughout recovery and self-development.

That said, I believe that #transformationtuesdays should include internal transformations! For example, I have been ashamed and embarrassed of my mental disorders, and have kept them a secret (outside of my family, and a few very close friends) for years! However, I recently have noticed a change in myself - I have had some really good conversations with a few people, which lead up to me sharing a bit of my story, mental disorders included... and you know what?! I felt liberated!!! I wasn't embarrassed or ashamed - I was relieved and proud of myself - for making myself vulnerable, for owning my story, and for overcoming not only the harsh stigma regrading mental disorders, but for continuing to overcome the disorders themselves! As a matter of fact - I will go ahead and reveal to all of you (I have debated how and when I would come forth, but I figure now is as good of a time as any) the specific disorders I have, and to some degree, always will have: OCD, ADD, insomnia, severe anxiety, severe depression, and an eating disorder. ***Even though I am confident with who and where I am, today, don't be fooled - putting all of that out in the open is still really scary!*** However, that right there, is some inner transformation in my eyes - I have come a long way from where I have been for several years, and am refusing to remain STUCK!

Again - this does not mean that physical transformation photos shouldn't be shared or celebrated - they absolutely should be! I simply wanted to bring some awareness and recognition to non-physical transformations! :)

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