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Thank God It's Monday

Wow! When I saw this T.G.I.M. quote - it really resonated with me!

It explains that if you are working for the weekend, you are doing it all wrong...

While this saying specifically mentions "working", I firmly believe it applies to "living" as well.

Unfortunately, I have to admit, I am guilty of this. I often countdown the days until the weekend - even the times when I have no weekend plans. While, I can somewhat "justify" this, in my head, because the weekend is when I really get to spend time with my husband - Monday-Friday, he leaves for work, by 6:15am (at the latest), and I typically get home between 7 and 8. However, there are days when either one of us has to be at work by 5am, and during lacrosse season (I coach high school), I often don't get home until 9:30-10:30pm.

**I'm going to stop myself here!**

Even while writing this blog, I quickly got carried away in my "justification" example, and momentarily lost sight of the point...

It's ok to look forward to the weekend, but I shouldn't just work, or live for the weekend -- I should live for each day - for TODAY. If we live, or work, for the weekend, we miss out on so much that goes on, around us! I mean, seriously - a lot more goes on during the 5 "week days", than during the 2 "weekend" days! I don't know about you, but personally, I would rather live for 7 days a week, than 2...

To be honest, I was kind of embarrassed & ashamed, when I really started to think about this concept... I'm fortunate enough to be pursuing a career path that is not only fulfilling, but also my dream, and not everyone can say that! However, rather than staying in negative thoughts, I switched gears and focused on the fact that T.G.I.M. serves as a good reminder - I love my job, and the people I get to work with/ for, and I can use it to keep myself in-check. I am making a conscious decision/effort to adjust my outlook on Monday... it truly is the day that I get to be back at my passion, and help people, and for that - I am truly grateful!

#monday #thank #passion #work #live

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