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Happy Thursday!

In January, I thought long and hard about a new year's resolution... I have been all over the place regarding resolutions - one year I don't give it a second thought, and one year I'm gung-ho (for a month, few weeks, or couple of days, usually). So, this time I wanted it to be different - it needed to be realistic! Eventually, I decided, that throughout 2016, I would make a conscious effort to live a more meaningful life - one with awareness and purpose. As a result, #intentional2016 and #intentionalliving evolved.

So why am I flashing back to 7+ months ago?

Because this has been a focal point of my life and self-development journey, I am constantly reminded of this decision and resolution. This is especially true, in the mornings, when I try to start my days with at least 3 gratitudes, and since today is #thankfulthursday, I figured this topic was appropriate! :)

Yes, today I am chipper and ready to take on the day, BUT don't get me wrong - everyday is not like this for me... I am human, and more specifically a woman, so I have plenty of "not-so-chipper" mornings and days!

While today my list looks like:

1- My momma is coming to visit for a few hours today :)

2- I have had an overall great week, so far

3- I had 2 great classes yesterday

4- I slept well & am in a positive mood this morning

Sometimes, my list of gratitudes is a STRUGGLE, and looks like: 1- I'm awake and breathing

2- The sun

3- I have a dog

Although today's focus was on #gratitude, being GRATEFUL is only a small component of being INTENTIONAL. However, it does play a huge role! As I continue this journey, you will read a lot more posts about being, and living, intentional.

Today, I challenge you to recognize, or even write down, 3 or more gratitudes. They can be simple, or more detailed - the point is to focus on something (no matter how small) good in each day, because "every day may not be good, but there's something good in each day".

#gratitude #intentional #thankful #thursday #grateful

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