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This is me. Here goes nothin...

This is me... no filters, no glam.

Hey there! Ok, so here goes nothin...

I have never been a blogger, but I have recently really started to focus on self-development, and figured this would be a good way to keep myself accountable & push me outside of my comfort zone... Not to mention, if I can impact one person out there, by sharing my story and experiences, than that's an even bigger win, in my book!

I am currently trying to use my PASSION, to help others, to make a name for myself in the fitness industry, with the hope of making this a lifelong career. I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor in the Dayton, OH area. I primarily work with female clients at various local gyms, in-home, and online. I absolutely LOVE helping people, and have found this to be an incredibly fulfilling career path, and a true blessing!

As I mentioned above, I have also been trying to work on self-development, so I will be blogging about this area of my life as well. I have overcome, and still am overcoming, various obstacles in my life, that have gotten in the way of my happiness, progress, and success. Although I have a long way to go, I am proud to say that I am, mentally & spiritually, in the best place I have ever been!

I have always loved arts & crafts, baking & decorating, and event planning & decorating... which only grew stronger after getting married in May!

As mentioned above, I am a newlywed, as well as a proud mom to my 2 fur babies - Rudy (aussie) and Bentley (cat). Not to mention, I am very close to my family, and a proud auntie!

That's just a little about me, and some of the things you can expect to hear about, in future blogs. Thanks so much!


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