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Youth Clinics

Does your young athlete need/want help advancing their sport specific skills? Could they benefit from strength and conditioning? 

I work with individuals, and small groups! So, whether your athlete needs 1-on-1 coaching, or they have a group of friends/ teammates who want to train together - I can help!

Class Events

Interested in a fitness class event? I can help with that!

Whatever the occasion -- I will tailor the class to your needs/ wants!

Most popular are fun cardio dance classes/ parties, but I also do kick-butt fitness classes (bootcamp, strength & conditioning, etc.)! 

I have done classes for business organizations, outside, at schools, churches, team bonding activities, charity events, girls night out, etc.

Why not have fun, and invest in your health, at the same time!?

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness programs are on the rise, and businesses that adopt these programs are experiencing benefits such as decreased tardiness, absences, and turnovers as well as lower health care costs, and reduced worker's compensation claims.  In addition, these companies benefit from the creation of a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace.

Forward thinking companies view corporate wellness programs as an investment versus an expense.  Their associates realize that the company places a high priority on their overall health and well being... both physical and mental.  As a result, associates feel more valued and develop a greater sense of company pride and loyalty.

Options include a variety of on-site or off-site fitness classes and personal training for individuals or small groups.

We can work together to develop a wellness program that will save your company money while it encourages and provides healthier lifestyle options for all your associates!

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