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Drop-in class schedule

Join me for any of these great Group Fitness classes!

All of my classes can BE Easily modified to accommodate every body & every fitness level! 

If you're just starting out - there's a spot for you!

If you're looking for a challenge or that next level - there's a spot for you!


7:15-7:45 Express Signature Class @ Row House Dublin Green 8:15-9am Funky Barbell Virtual - Dublin Rec Center


8-8:30am Lower body & Core Dublin Rec Center 12-12:45 Signature Class @ Row House Upper Arlington 5-5:45pm Full Row Class @ Row House Dublin Green


6-6:45am Power Class @ Row House Dublin Green 7:15-7:45 Express Signature @ Row House Dublin Green 8:15-8:45am Express Upper Body 8:45-9:15am Cardio & Core Virtual - Dublin Rec Center


8-8:30am Express Lower Body Virtual - Dublin Rec Center 9-10am REFIT® @ The Club at Corazon


7:15-7:45 Express Signature Class @ Row House Dublin Green 8:15-8:45am Express Total Body 8:45-9:15am Core & Balance Virtual - Dublin Rec Center

Class Descriptions

Cardio jam
Cardio Jam is a dance fitness class that consists of energetic music and fun routines- you won't even realize you're working and toning your entire body! The routines are easy to modify (more or less intense) to accommodate all levels. Dance skills not required!

REFIT® is a fitness community. Our vision is to create a fitness experience that changes people from the inside out, and this vision is accomplished by focusing on the heart as a muscle AND a soul.  People don’t have to get fit in order to be fit at REFIT® –our workouts are designed for every body regardless of age, shape, size or ability. REFIT® creates a powerful, uplifting fitness experience that lasts well beyond the workout.


Low Impact Strength Training. Don't let the name fool you -- low impact doesn't mean low intensity. . .  This is an interval strength class that is easier on your joints, but keeps your body moving. This is a total body workout, for all fitness levels.  The music is upbeat, and the movements are easy to modify. 


Barre is a total body workout, but heavily targets lower body and core. This class is low impact, but has high repetitions, that will help tone and strengthen your body. 

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